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In 2016 It Really Was All About The Beard!

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There are different beard styles for distinct face shapes.The following rules will help you find and achieve the best beard style

or the “optimal beard.”When we talk about the facial hair styles, then you should be the one who understands the importance of

matching beard style to the shape of the face or jaw in order to obtain a nice, graduated oval shape.


If you know the shape of your face it is well and good. But if you don’t know,then grab a pencil, paper and a measuring tape.

Measure your forehead, jawline, cheekbones and facial length.Now compare all the four measurements, and note down the

largest number.

You have a square face if all the measurements are nearly equal.The face length and cheekbones will be nearly equal for a round


The face length will be longer and the cheek bone width will be smaller for an oval or rectangular face.Rectangular face will also

have sharper curves.

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For an oblong face, the face length will be of a longer measurement and forehead,jawlines and cheekbones of an

almost similar size.

•Square Face

Keep hair shorter on the sides, fuller on the chin which will automatically draw the eye downwards.

•Round Face

Keep hair shorter on the sides while you grow hair longer on the bottom.Use an electric shaver to taper the

beard gently from cheekbones to the chin line.

•Oblong Face

Here the length of the face is longer compared to the width.Men with an oblong-shaped face should keep hair fuller on the sides

and shorter on the bottom.

•Rectangular Face

Rectangular faced men should also avoid growing more hair below the chin as it will automatically elongate their faces.They need

to balance the top and bottom of their face.Shorter and neatly trimmed hair on the chin line and fuller hair on the

sides will give an attractive look to their face.

•Oval Face

Almost all the beard styles will work good on the oval faces. They have the benefit to try each mustache and beard style.No

matter what style they opt for, it will look good on them.