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3 Common Refrigerator Problems

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The refrigerator unit is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a kitchen. In addition to being one of the most expensive items, it also accounts for a significant portion of a home’s energy bill. For this reason, it is crucial that the unit is maintained appropriately to get the maximum energy efficiency and to avoid an unexpected refrigerator repair.

The homeowner can do many of these tasks on their own.

But a professional like Appliance Repair Louisville KY can give the unit a thorough examination to rule out major issues. Here are some of the most important areas to check regularly:

Thoroughly Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils should be checked and cleaned about once a month to keep the appliance in optimal condition.

A specialized cleaner meant is needed to clean this area of the refrigerator.

Make sure to brush the condenser fins from top to bottom to clean it thoroughly.

This can help prevent any problems that would require a refrigerator repair.


Clean and Check the Fan Blades

It is crucial that the fan runs well to keep the unit as cool as possible. Dirty fan blades will make the motor to work harder than it should, causing it to wear down quicker. Keeping the blades as clean as possible will prevent this problem.

To clean the fan blades, you will need a soft cloth.

Wipe down the blades until they are free of dust and dirt. If the fan blades are filthy, use a cleanser to wipe them down, then allow them to dry.

Make sure to cover the motor with another towel or cloth so that no liquid cleaner can get inside.

Check the fan blades on a monthly basis for cleanliness.

Check the Gaskets on the Doors

The unit can lose a significant amount of cool air if the gaskets are damaged or worn out. Not only will this result in spoiled food but it will also increase your energy bill. Be sure to check the gaskets every other week to once a month.

An easy way to check them is to attempt to slip a sheet of paper between the closed door and the gasket.

If the paper can get between the door and gasket, it can signify a problem. To maintain the gaskets, remove them from the door and soak them in soapy water for about an hour.

Allow them to dry well and place them back on the refrigerator door. Check to ensure they are properly sealed. If the gaskets don’t create a good seal, they will likely need to be replaced.


Top Tips For Moving To Your New (Or Old) Home!

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It is already a known fact that moving home is an activity that implies physical strain, consumption of time, and lots of sweat. Fortunately, this common concept does not apply to every situation given the opportunity that movers can apply some organizational skills and can plan ahead when it comes to moving to a new home.

One piece of good advice for moving home is to know who will be the people who can help in the actual moving process. Will the services of professional removals like Cardiff removal company be used or will family members and some relatives help out? Take note that asking the help of friends and family is more budget-friendly especially if they have big vans for the furniture.

However, when our family members cannot give you a hand because of their busy schedules, then you must seek the service of a moving company.

The second advice for moving home is to be prepared in getting rid of things you no longer need. No matter how harsh it may sound, hoarding should have no room in a mover’s mind. Getting rid of the dusty fishing magazines in the attic and the broken toys of your eldest child can save a lot of space.

Moreover, you should have already checked out the space of the new house before packing as it will help you decide how much things you can move and put in the new place.

Sort things between essentials and the non essentials and pack the latter first. The essentials are the things which are used daily until the final day of the moving like utensils and clothes. In cases when some good furniture may no longer have their place in the new house, having a garage sale is a good option.

This will not only help you in downsizing the volume of furniture but also give extra income which you need for your movement. A garage sale should also be made weeks before the actual moving date to give you sufficient time to sell off items.

In moving homes, stocking up on the appropriate packing materials is a necessity. One should never run out of boxes, packaging tapes, and plastics to use in packing things. Also, the containers should be sufficiently labeled for easy identification of your items.

Packing and transporting the fragile materials like vases, paintings, and chandeliers should be done first. Breakable things like these should also have enough space inside the vehicle to avoid damage. As for the home appliances, it will always be better to pack them back on their original boxes if you still have their boxes because these can give them full support.

The last advice for moving home is to never forget to clean the attic few weeks before you leave. Even though it is already normal for people to forget about the junks they have stored there, forgetting to clean the attic can be extremely time-consuming especially you remember at the last minute.

moving home checklist

In fact, cleaning the attic should always be first on your list because it can eat up a lot of your time.


Area Rug Cleaning 101 – Step By Step Guide

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One of the best accessories a person can add to their house or living area is a rug. A rug can instantly dress up and decorate any room. But owning a rug merits its own set of responsibilities such as rug cleaning. Without proper rug maintenance a rug can be permanently stained and/or irreparably damaged.

To prevent such extreme cases it is best to regularly call professional rug cleaning London. But if you cant afford such a service then it is best to clean your own rug. It may seem like a daunting task but following these steps you’ll have a clean rug in no time.

Hand Woven

In many cultures in which hand woven rugs are widely used it is very common for people to remove their shoes before stepping on a rug. To prolong the life of your rug you should adopt and enforce this practice as well. Certain types of shoes like heels, boots, or anything with cleans can severely damage a rug, as well as drag in unwanted dirt from outside.



If you aren’t sure if your rug is dirty or not there are a few ways to test your rug. First you can go to any one of the corners. Then pick up one of the corners with your hands, walk around the rug and kick the back/bottom of it.

If nothing happens then the rug is clean, but if a cloud of smoke whooshes out then your rug is dirty. Another way to test your rug for dirt is by rubbing your hand across it. After a few seconds lift your hand and inspect it. If it is covered in dirt and dust your rug is dirty.

If you decide to clean your rug yourself first remove it from the room and place it outside or in a well ventilated area. Sweep and mop up the floor to remove any excess dust and dirt left behind by the rug. Now to begin rug cleaning, vacuum both sides carefully.


Step 5. Shampoo

Take your time and move carefully across the rug. You don’t want to pull any lose threads off. Then shampoo the rug with a mixture of cool water and rug shampoo. If you don’t have any rug shampoo available a mild soap will work as well.

Before scrubbing make sure you hang up the rug on a close line of some sort. Test a small corner of the rug first to see if your soap will cause the color to run. If it does switch to a different soap or buy rug shampoo.

Using a long hair brush with soft bristles scrub the rug. Make sure you follow the weave with your motion. Don’t scrub against the grain as it will pull threads out. Then rinse the rug with a hose or running water. If you don’t have a hose available continually pour water over the rug.

Remove any excess water and lay the rug flat to dry. Turn it over to thoroughly dry both sides. After the rug is dry carefully vacuum it to make it soft again.

Extend Life

With proper care you can make your rug last a long time. It will be looking its best and will surely impress everyone. But if you feel you don’t have the time or the means to clean your own rug it is best to call in the professionals.


An Insight Into My Brand New Hobby – A Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting

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The lightweight frame and ease of use make the Bounty Hunter an excellent choice for everyone. While there are many different brands and versions of metal detectors, the best selling detectors tend to be the least expensive.

Nearly all Bounty Hunter metal detectors have a built-in sensitivity meter to adjust to the soil conditions you are treasure hunting in. Some of the tops of the line models of Bounty Hunter detectors are equipped with an LCD visual reference screen to show you what you have located before you begin digging.


The reason Bounty Hunter detectors are so popular is that of the simplicity and ease of use. The onboard ground balancing setting allows you to detect metals both on the beach and in mineral rich areas.

The standard LCD screen will show what you are finding, as well as a probable depth pointer and target identification to allow you to easily recognize coins and another finding no matter how deep they may be.

These metal detectors are ideal for beginners. While not an amazing technically advanced detector the Bounty Hunter is affordable and easy to use making it an excellent choice for someone just getting started.

The Tracker IV is a great detector for beginners and dedicated treasure hunters

In even, the most mineralized and metal-rich soil conditions the Tracker IV is there to help you locate the money, jewelry, and artifacts. Whether you are searching saltwater shorelines or mica filled creekbeds you won’t be disappointed by the Tracker IV. For a full review visit –

Because the Tracker IV is user-friendly and fully equipped, you won’t need to add a lot of extras to be able to locate buried treasures. All Bounty Hunter brand detectors are made to be light and ergonomically comfortable to enable you to search for hours without back or shoulder pain.

The basic controls include “all metal” to locate any metals and “discrimination” which allows you to eliminate iron or other metals that you don’t wish to find. The Tracker IV has a differentiating two-tone audio signal to let you know whether you’ve found a valuable metal such as gold, or an unwanted metal such as iron deposits.


The intensity meter graphic targeting method allows you to find treasures quickly and easily.

The Tracker also has a headphone jack that is compatible with most headsets.

The headphone allows you to detect in privacy and loud areas, as well as to preserve the battery life of the detector. Like all Bounty Hunter detectors, the Tracker IV runs for hours on two simple 9-volt batteries.

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Are Chat Apps Really Transforming The Global Conversation?

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Seventy five percent of the worlds population is exposed to a huge number of free chat apps ,many of these apps have provided a platform for people to voice out their opinions weather positive or negative you shall find no judgment in this platforms.

Many people turn to these free chat apps in order to express themselves.

It provides an invisible attachment in that one is able to feel or experience what another person is doing or going through even though they might be thousands of miles away.

Be it Facebook ,instagram or even the simplest messaging app like whatsapp,it connects people together and distance becomes a forgotten thing of the past.

It is from these free chat apps that people have formed special bonds that even lead to marriage,it connects everyone together regardless of where one is.

These platforms provide a means to voice out ones opinion and to be heard without fear of rejection of anykind,for instance in places like Africa picking a certain country like Kenya free chatting apps like Twitter have exposed some of the deep secrets of the society just by one tweet hundreds of people are able to know what is going on and if intervention is needed.

This has truly changed the game and turned the world into a global village conversing in one platform.

In a century where we are no longer determined by distance but by how strong your WiFi signal is and which free chatting app one is in, it is not a surprise that one picture uploaded in instagram can arise so much emotions to thousands elsewhere in the world.

Free chat apps are the go to nowadays they not only inform but also entertain,its like everything you ever needed just by one click.


Is Your Garage Door Really Secure?

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The modern doors have motors that come with safety features such as rolling code technology that makes it impossible for others to copy and use the frequency of your remote control.

New openers also come with a “Vacation Switch” lock that disables remote access when activated, keeping your home protected even if you are away.

If buying a new motor isn’t budget-friendly right now, follow these simple tips provided by the experts at 24 hour garage door repair Las Vegas  to enhance the safety of your garage door.

. Before leaving your car in your parking lot or driveway, make sure it is locked. Set the alarm if you have one.

. Never keep your overhead door remote in the open. If you keep the remote in your car at night, put them in a compartment which is not visible to a passersby.

. If you have a garage that is attached to your home, keep all the interiors locked that lead into the house.

. Even if you park your car in the garage, never leave the keys inside.

. Do not forget to lock your garage door in the night. A simple interior or exterior lock can be purchased from a company dealing with Garage door Repair.

. When leaving your home for a long time, always remember to lock the overhead door & set the vacation lock switch on. If possible, unplug the garage door opener.

. Never keep your garage door open when you are not there. It will give a visual access to valuables that might be kept inside.

. When buying a new door, consider a solid garage door with no windows. If you would like to have daylight in the garage, get the windows installed in the top section to make the interior less.

. Never share your security code with anyone.

. Install a spotlight or a motion sensing light in exterior of your garage.

. Have an alarm system for your garage.


7 Lessons from a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Carpets add beauty to our homes. But a dirty or stained carpet can make the whole home dirty, even if the rest of the house is spotlessly clean. Carpets have a great ability to attract dirt, dust, stains, etc. This is the reason why owning a carpet is a great responsibility.

You need to keep it clean not only so that it looks good but also because a dirty carpet can be problem for the health of your family and friends.

There are many proven methods of cleaning the carpet and you can easily try some of them at your home without too much trouble in the process. Here are some professional tips to guide you on how to keep your carpet clean and new like all the time.

Choose The Right Product:

If you want to do better cleaning then it is the primary requirement that you pick up the suitable cleaning products. Use of general washing powder and other general cleaning products is not the right choice so you should ignore it. Do a little research on the carpet cleaning products and then you should purchase the suitable products for your carpets because this will help you to get better cleaning and it will save lots of your time and the glow of your as well.

Choose The Right Equipment:

Various cleaning equipment are available for the professional cleaning of carpet. If you will see some of the professional carpet cleaning process then it will help you to find out the best and most suitable cleaning equipment for this process that will help you enhance the efficiency of the cleaning process and it will be effort and time saving as well.

Regular Standard Cleaning:

The most important thing about the cleaning of the carpet is that you should not rely only on the hard cleaning. You should clean your carpet frequently with the help of various cleaning equipment because it will help you to keep your carpet clean for the longer period of time.

Choosing the Right Services:

In case if you are planning to get the services related to cleaning you should choose the best cleaning services such as carpet cleaning chelsea which is most reliable as well as affordable.

Anti-Stain Finish:

Another major enemy of carpets and their life are moisture and stains. Apart from having carpet cleaning products for all kinds of stains on hand, it is important to get your carpet coated with an anti-stain finish like Scotchgard. While this does not mean your carpet will become stain proof, it will definitely become stain resistant. Any extra protection that you add to your carpet can only make it easier to keep your carpet cleaner.

Use of carpet padding:

This is extremely important to save your carpet from uneven wear and tear. Put plastic foam carpet padding under all your area rugs and carpets to ensure that they get evenly worn out. Another thing that you should make it a point to do is to rotate the furniture that is kept on your carpet regularly so that your carpet does not get permanently depressed at certain places where furniture has been placed for a long time.

Regular Vacuuming:

Regularly vacuuming rugs and carpets is one of the basic defense mechanisms that will enable you to minimize the level dust and microorganisms accumulation. It would be difficult to get these elements out of the fibers once they’ve collected there, hence, the importance of regular carpet vacuuming.


5 Tips For Preparing For The Biggest Photo Shoot Of Your Life!!

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Your wedding photo session is a very important event. Bear in mind that this is to document everything that happens on your wedding day which makes it worth reading through this article and making sure you are prepared.

Hire The Right Photographer


This goes without saying and according to Natasha Jenkins Cardiff wedding photographer hiring an inexperienced, unreliable photographer could be catastrophic. You should do your research, ask to see examples of previous work and possibly ask the photographer for the contact details of previous clients to enable you to get in touch and ask their opinions.

Consult with your photographer

If you have some creative ideas of your own, you should discuss them with with your wedding photographer. Take the time to make appointments or meetings before the wedding day to discuss the plan of action and make sure everything is finalised.

Agree On The Price


Wedding photography can be charged in a number of different ways and it’s important you know exactly how much that charge will be and what you will receive within that cost.

Rounding Everyone Up

Organising wedding guests can be difficult. At the reception it’s likely people will be spread out which makes it important you elect someone with the task of helping the photographer gather various members of the wedding party.

Plenty Of Rest

Relax and get a good night’s sleep. The best way to ensure that you have great photos is if you have to shoot, after a well-rested. It puts you in a good mood and prevents dark circles and eye bags from occurring on your face. And before you mention it, yes everyone is nervous before their wedding day, we get that! Maybe have 1 or 2 little drinks before bed time, just to help you sleep.