Are Chat Apps Really Transforming The Global Conversation?

By January 12, 2017 Lifestyle No Comments
chat apps

Seventy five percent of the worlds population is exposed to a huge number of free chat apps ,many of these apps have provided a platform for people to voice out their opinions weather positive or negative you shall find no judgment in this platforms.

Many people turn to these free chat apps in order to express themselves.

It provides an invisible attachment in that one is able to feel or experience what another person is doing or going through even though they might be thousands of miles away.

Be it Facebook ,instagram or even the simplest messaging app like whatsapp,it connects people together and distance becomes a forgotten thing of the past.

It is from these free chat apps that people have formed special bonds that even lead to marriage,it connects everyone together regardless of where one is.

These platforms provide a means to voice out ones opinion and to be heard without fear of rejection of anykind,for instance in places like Africa picking a certain country like Kenya free chatting apps like Twitter have exposed some of the deep secrets of the society just by one tweet hundreds of people are able to know what is going on and if intervention is needed.

This has truly changed the game and turned the world into a global village conversing in one platform.

In a century where we are no longer determined by distance but by how strong your WiFi signal is and which free chatting app one is in, it is not a surprise that one picture uploaded in instagram can arise so much emotions to thousands elsewhere in the world.

Free chat apps are the go to nowadays they not only inform but also entertain,its like everything you ever needed just by one click.