An Insight Into My Brand New Hobby – A Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting

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The lightweight frame and ease of use make the Bounty Hunter an excellent choice for everyone. While there are many different brands and versions of metal detectors, the best selling detectors tend to be the least expensive.

Nearly all Bounty Hunter metal detectors have a built-in sensitivity meter to adjust to the soil conditions you are treasure hunting in. Some of the tops of the line models of Bounty Hunter detectors are equipped with an LCD visual reference screen to show you what you have located before you begin digging.


The reason Bounty Hunter detectors are so popular is that of the simplicity and ease of use. The onboard ground balancing setting allows you to detect metals both on the beach and in mineral rich areas.

The standard LCD screen will show what you are finding, as well as a probable depth pointer and target identification to allow you to easily recognize coins and another finding no matter how deep they may be.

These metal detectors are ideal for beginners. While not an amazing technically advanced detector the Bounty Hunter is affordable and easy to use making it an excellent choice for someone just getting started.

The Tracker IV is a great detector for beginners and dedicated treasure hunters

In even, the most mineralized and metal-rich soil conditions the Tracker IV is there to help you locate the money, jewelry, and artifacts. Whether you are searching saltwater shorelines or mica filled creekbeds you won’t be disappointed by the Tracker IV. For a full review visit –

Because the Tracker IV is user-friendly and fully equipped, you won’t need to add a lot of extras to be able to locate buried treasures. All Bounty Hunter brand detectors are made to be light and ergonomically comfortable to enable you to search for hours without back or shoulder pain.

The basic controls include “all metal” to locate any metals and “discrimination” which allows you to eliminate iron or other metals that you don’t wish to find. The Tracker IV has a differentiating two-tone audio signal to let you know whether you’ve found a valuable metal such as gold, or an unwanted metal such as iron deposits.


The intensity meter graphic targeting method allows you to find treasures quickly and easily.

The Tracker also has a headphone jack that is compatible with most headsets.

The headphone allows you to detect in privacy and loud areas, as well as to preserve the battery life of the detector. Like all Bounty Hunter detectors, the Tracker IV runs for hours on two simple 9-volt batteries.